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Choose the right Path

No this isn’t some long post about choices in life. It’s a plug for my latest public gig. Actually it is about choices in life, for high school students. Produced by Whatever Solutions Media, it’s a site designed to show students different options for continuing education and career choices. I was cast as Carter and got to put my Surfer Dude “accent” to practice. and click Apprenticeship. I’m Carter.


The Voice of AnswersTV…

… is me!
Go to the Health Channel on AnswersTV and on the left choose “Say ahhh”. Then click any of the 30 second videos!

This was done via phone patch session last week and the director, Wendy was great to work with. We ended up with about 5 takes for each one and she gave me clear notes about specific things that needed touching up between takes. None of the usual “Make it more leathery” kind of obscure direction that we often get

I look forward to recording more of these for AnswersTV!

My shortest VO gig ever – Podcast Camp 2008 Promo

My friend Peter O’Connell put the call out for people to do voices for his Podcast Camp 2008 Promo. So I sent mine in. The end result was a hodge podge of various Voice over folks cut and pasted and I think I got a single word in there, “Twitter”, making this my smallest VO role to date.

Other talented folks in the spot include Elaine Singer, Chris Rice, Mary McKitrick, Kara Edwards, Liz de Nesnera, Dave Courvoisier and Jim Sutton

Parade of Phantoms

I meant to post this before, but I narrated “The Withering” for the Parade of Phantoms online journal at You’ll need to scroll down to episode 1 to hear me.

Sci Phi – The Journal of Science Ficion and philosophy Issue 1 available

Issue #1 of the Schi Phi Journal is now available for only $7. You get an ebook PDF and MP3 versions of all the stories in the book. I narrated one of the stories and I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out. And if this first one is a success, future versions will follow.

Here’s the blurb:

Sci Phi is a new popular level journal aimed at
readers who like science fiction but want to think
about its implications a little more. Each issue of
Sci Phi will contain short stories and articles. The
short stories will tend to have an interesting idea
underlying them and the articles will look at various
philosophical ideas through the lense of science

Issue #1 contains stories and articles by
Matt Wallace
Paul S. Jenkins
Lee Battersby
Jason Pomerantz
Gepffrey Maloney
Michael Spence
Stephen Dedman
Ben Goertzel and Stephan Vladimir Bugaj
Ryan Nichols
Jason Rennie

Each issue comes in various ebook formats as well as
all of the stories and articles in mp3 format for
your listening pleasure.

Each issue costs $7, and all of the contributors are
paid on a royalty basis, with about 80% of the issue
price being paid directly to contributors.

Additionally after one year each issue of the journal
will be released under a creative commons attribution
non-commerical license 3.0.

The website for the journal is

Inside Stories now on Audible

Inside Stories by Mike Yachnik is now available for sale at Audible! Mike worked really hard to get his book published there and I’m extremely pleased to be listed as a narrator on the largest audiobook site!

Interested in listening to it? It’s only $7 bucks. Buy it here!

Another Podiobook

Amongst the auditions I do and a couple of commercials, a lot of my time is spent working on another Podiobook. Author Michael Yachnik approached me about doing an anthology of short stories. I love short stories and am very partial to the effort, so I jumped at the chance.

So far, Michael has impressed me with his writing style and ability to cross genres. And while we’re only a few stories in, I think this is going to be one of the best antholgies on the site. I’m anxious to read his first novel, Five Mil.

For those interested, my first 3 Podiobooks are listed below. Remember, these are full length audiobooks delivered to you free of charge. So download away and tell me what you think!

The House Down Cherry Tree Lane – This was recorded with a crappy mic.
Sonic Fiction
More Sonic Fiction

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