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Very Unofficial Late Show with Jimmy Fallon “auditions”

He’s at it again.

Not content with trying to outdo the announcer of the NBC Nightly News, the lovely and talent Peter O’Connell is once again sponsoring fake auditions, this time for the announcer gig of the new Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show. And when I say “sponsoring”, I use the term loosely, as there is no prize for the winner nor is this actually an audition for the show. It’s all in good fun.

I’ve sent my “audition” in and if you want to do the same, you can get the skinny here.


Leonard Nimoy in the recording booth

Roger Tremaine over at the VO-BB has posted an unedited session (re: outtakes) of Leonard Nimoy narrating a documentary that his station was working on in the late 70s. Rather interesting to hear how Nimoy practically rewrites the script in the booth. And my, what an incredible voice he has.

 Thanks for the audio gem, Roger.

How to be an annoying customer

Create Business Growth has a rather funny post today about How to be the Most Annoying Customer ever. Some of it applies to our work. Funny because it’s true.

Wanna lose weight? Listen to Audiobooks!

Well it worked for British actor Stephen Fry, anyway…

The Names have been changed to protect the Illogical

On 11/1/07, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX< > wrote:
Hi Jeff,
How much would you charge for narrating 230 words?

On 11/1/07, Jeff Kafer wrote:
Hi David,
My narration rate is $.25 per word with a $125 minimum. So a 230 word piece would be $125. If you send me a piece of the script, I’m happy to audition it for you so you know how I’ll sound reading the actual copy.

On 11/1/07, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX< > wrote:
Reading 230 words takes no longer than 5 minutes, so your rate is about $1500 an hour.

Do pediatric cardiologists make that much?

Thanks but no thanks.

Some people just don’t get it.

Just my luck

Got a call on my cell phone today in regards to a Craig’s list ad I responded to looking for Voice overs. My email enquiry always mentions that I live in Seattle to weed out those who want locals only. The conversation went like this:

Client: Hi, we’re interested in using your services for some VO work

Me: Great! Can you tell me a little about your project?

Client: Sure <goes on to talk about the project and the rate, which is way low>

Me: OK, so does this include mixing, editing and sweetening or do you just want the raw files?

Client: Well, it starts off with an interview. you come in to our office is Tucson and talk to us and we figure out….

Me: Hang on one second, I don’t mean to interrupt.

Client: No problem


Me: Tucson?

Client: Yes.

Me: You realize I live in Seattle right?

Non-client: Oh. No, I didn’t know that. I guess we won’t be able to use you then. Sorry for wasting your time.

Me: No Problem.



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