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Frank Frederick makes the Boston Globe

Wow, and I thought it was cool to get mentioned in the Monroe Monitor. My friend and mentor Frank “The Voice” Frederick got interviewed for an article in the Boston Globe about the remote work that most voice actors do. Give it a read. Interesting stuff from a wise man.

Thanks to Greg Phelps and his post on the VO-BB for alerting me to it.


Dinner with Bob Souer

Once again I was fortunate enough to have dinner with Bob Souer this evening. My wife also attended and we all had a great time. Bob is always generous with his knowledge and modest about his many accomplishments. Thanks again for the great company, Bob.

Voicey Awards Finalist!

A big thanks to everyone who nominated me, I made it as a finalist in the 2008 Voicey Awards in the Best New Voice category! I’m really excited about being nominated and am in stellar company with all the other finalists. A big shout out to my friend and fellow Best new Voice nominee David Houston. While I have no illusions of actually winning in the end, I’m proud to be in such fine company as Dave and the other nominees.

As well, other people I know who were nominated:

Best Male Voice:
Bob Souer

Best Teen Voice:
Jesse Springer

Best Female Voice:
Moe Egan

Best Team Voice:
Adam Fox and Kara Edwards

Best Personal branding:
Kara Edwards

Best Foreign Voice:
Liz de Nesnera

Lifetime Achievement:
Pat Fraley
Bryan Cox

The complete list of finalists can be found here:

Golden Knight Media has joined the blogosphere

Fellow VO-BBer and voice talent Isaiah of Golden Knight Media has joined the blogosphere. Welcome! I look forward to reading what you have to say.

Video game acting blurb from DB Cooper

My friend, DB Cooper, and “boss” over at the VO-BB (She’s the Admin, I’m a moderator) has a blurb about video game voice acting in today’s VOX Daily.

The takeaway? If you want to voice video games, then sit down and start playing them so you understand how the voicing ties into the gameplay. As a video game industry professional (my day job), I completely agree.

Say hello to Liz!

Fellow voice talent and friend, Liz de Nesnera has a new blog. Liz is a bilingual voice artist (English and French) and always has interesting things to say on the VO-BB. I look forward to reading her blog. Everyone, go over and say hello!

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