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David Ciccarelli of alerted me this morning of the availability of his newest version of his annual State of the Industry paper. It’s a good overview, with some interesting highlights. While it makes some sweeping predictions about several different industries without much supporting evidence, I think the paper is pretty accurate and I commend David for writing this up in a way that isn’t just a marketing device for


Free Bioshock audio goodies

If you’re a fan of the video game BioShock like I am, then you know the audio design was the best part of the game and one of the best sonic landscapes in ANY game. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has posted some of the audio from the game. These are not ripped, folks, these are from the original audio masters encoded at a high bit rate. Download away!

Free subscription to Website magazine

If you have a website, as most of you do, then you may qualify for a free subscription Website magazine. Keep in mind this is a trade journal, so they’re going to have uber-exciting things that don’t apply to voice-over like affiliate marketing and online advertising. But some of it might be useful such as design tips and Search engine optimization.

Fill out the form here!

Need Free software? Try the Creative Sweet!

When most people talk about free software, they point you to one of the download sites that offer a jumble of freebie tools that someone cobbled together in their spare time. Most of the time, they are mediocre and often they are terrible. Sometimes a few gems are hidden amongst the rubble. I stopped visitng those sites long ago simply because the signal to noise ratio was so bad.

But the Put Things Off blog has compiled a list of the very best software that’s free. They have desktop utilities, office suites, illustration products and multimedia apps. I’d love to see a section for audio, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

Want to try Entertainer’s Secret for free?

Entertainer’s secret is a little known mouth spray that supposedly works wonders for clearing up dry and hoarse mouths to eliminate that pesky mouth noise that shows up so clearly in recordings. And now Stephanie at is offering free bottles of the spray to a few volunteers. The catch? You must be willing to participate in some sort of survey AND you must reside in London Ontario. That’s Canada, folks. Hey Stephanie! Americans get dry mouth too!

Free subscription to EQ magazine

Thanks to a heads-up from fellow talent Dave Courvoisier, legitimate audio production folks (including VO talent) can get a  free subscription to EQ magazine. Fill out the attached form and send it off:

FAX # 978-671-0460

P.O. BOX 232
LOWELL, MA 01853


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