Which voice talent are you? Do it or Excuse it?

If you’re like most people, you have a list of things to do. These may include:

  • You need to update your website.
  • You need to cold call some potential clients.
  • You need to update your resume
  • You need to add some content to your reels
  • You need to chase an invoice.

And what is a common reason for not doing these things? 

“I didn’t get around to it.”

OK, some of you may have heard this punch line, so don’t ruin for the rest of the class, please.

If your excuse is the above, then I’m happy to give you one. Print out the pic below and accept my gift of a Round To It.

Ha ha get it? A ROUND TO IT?

Yeah ok, the joke is old and corny and isn’t any funnier when I type it in all caps. Heck, 25 years ago my dad’s company actually used to hand out little wooden coins with “to it” written on them as a clever way of handling clients who didn’t buy life insurance because they hadn’t gotten around to it.

But as stupid as the gimmick may be, it showcases how dumb the excuse itself is. You didn’t get around to it? Well, why the heck  not? If you have something that needs doing, that will benefit your Voice over career in any small way, then do yourself a favor and get around to it.

There’s a difference between a reason and an excuse. If you have reasons for not doing these things, that’s one thing. But making excuses for yourself is only harming your career. Because there is some person out there who isn’t making excuses for himself and is going to get the gig.

There are people who do the things they need to do. And there are those who make excuses for not doing them.

Which one are you?

More importantly, which one do you want to be?


About Jeffrey Kafer

I am a Seattle-based voice over artist specializing in audiobooks, but also working in corporate narration and commercials. You can find me at http://audiobook-voice-over.com View all posts by Jeffrey Kafer

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