Mark Hamill as the best Joker ever?

The MTV movies blog has a post that considers the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series as being the best Joker so far. And of course, this Joker was voiced by Mark Hamill, whom the producers of the show praise quite highly towards the end of the article.


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9 responses to “Mark Hamill as the best Joker ever?

  • Some Audio Guy

    I agree.
    Jack was a great Joker, but if we’re trying to remain true to the comic, then Hamill’s is the best.

    • Batman Fan

      Mark Hamill’s voice as the Joker is truly terrific. It’s tough to watch any other Batman show/movie with the Joker whereby Hamill was doing the voice. Heath Ledger did an awesome job as the joker in the Dark Knight, but the cartoon character is ruled by Hamill. I wish the guys at DC would realize this the next time they try to do a Batman animated show with the Joker. Oh, and Clancy Jones is the only voice for Lex Luthor. Am I right? …. There can be only one!!!

  • Rowell

    glad to hear someone else giving proper credit to a great vocal creation. jack nicholson’s joker was jack nicholson wearing funny makeup and basically doing jack nicholson.

    hamill’s joker is a completely realized character of its own. and how he managed that laugh without it sounding fake…amazing. (…i also happen to think the animated batman with kevin c’s voice is the only “real” batman there’s ever been onscreen.)

  • Russ

    I’m surprised to find that Mark Hamill is voicing a lot of character voices that I really dig.

    Also, I don’t want to skew too far from the topic but ‘Boner’ from ‘Growing Pains’ played and excellent Joker in the fan-film, ‘Batman: Dead End‘. Everyone’s gotta check it out.

  • RealJoker

    end of story roll credits now.

  • Shadow

    Ledger was a good character.. The new batman series should burn… Mark Hamill = best played Joker. Ledgers character maybe a copy of The Joker But that’s not The Joker from the comic books that I grew up with…

  • Xodarap

    Agreed, Shadow. First let me say: Ledger’s Joker was amazing. We are comparing two awesome renditions, two incredible jobs. The most important fact, probably, is that Mark Hamill’s Joker was much more “accurate” — but even to those interested only in the final result, Mark Hamill’s Joker was much more fun, and just as evil. This is not to take credit from Heath Ledger, who did such a good job that my friends and I were compelled to watch the movie three nights in a row at the theaters — purely for the sake of his Joker.

  • Sarah Jade

    I was afraid of watching Dark Knight because I’m so in love with Mark Hamill’s joker…I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to appreciate Heath Ledger’s brilliant rendition with due respect…I was afraid my obsession with Mark Hamill’s joker would diminish any potential amazement I could feel toward Ledger’s characterization.

    Then I watched it.

    And realized I was right.

    It’s not just loyalty. There as never been, and never will be, a joker that can beat out Mark Hamill. You can’t top flawless. I’m sorry. But there’s nothing to improve upon.

    Heath did a great job. So did Jack. But Mark is the joker, and there is no arguing it. There just isn’t.

  • RegalBryant35

    I very much agree that Mark is the best Joker. I like Heath’s a lot, but Mark is the best.

    “The one place he knows best… Epic Laugh.”
    When I hear that line, I have no doubt.”

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