To Neti pot or not…

When the seasons change here in the pacific northwest, I have a problem with some extra, uh, congestion in my nose. I’m not sick and I don’t have allergies, but I have an excess of “stuff” that gets in the way of recording. Several other talent have recommended the Neti Pot. but I couldn’t get over the YouTube video of someone using it. I had no clue what it was or how it was used, so imagine my surprise when I saw a video of a woman pouring water into one nostril only to have it pour out the other side. Perhaps it’s the vacant look she has on her face while using it.

Today, my wife was driving near a drugstore. She called me to tell me that there was a big sign outside that said “We have Neti Pots!” Apparently these are a high enough in demand to warrant a sign, and at a price of only $18.

So, loyal readers. Is the Neti pot worth the $18? And is it as creepy to use as the woman in the video makes it out to be? Comment comment comments!


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3 responses to “To Neti pot or not…

  • SomeAudioGuy

    LOL! That is creepy.
    You could try what this guy did. I had to stop watching after he filled the neti with coffee:

    I have a friend who swears by them.
    I’ve yet to make the journey, but as I suffer from allergies, I’m getting closer and closer to taking the plunge.

  • Mary McK.

    I paid $9 at CVS for mine and it’s a “Sinu-cleanse” (or something). Made of plastic. The additional $9 lets you call it a Neti pot I guess. You get used to the sensation of drowning pretty quickly, just don’t use deep breathing to get through the unpleasantness. I actually haven’t used the thing much but definitely would recommend you try it for the condition you describe. MCM

  • Kara Edwards


    The video IS creepy- yikes! That’s the most vacant stare ever. I’m a new Neti pot user and now swear by it. I have the same one as Mary. I’m a long time allergy sufferer (I get 2 allergy shots a week right now!) and the Neti pot really does work to clear out sinuses on a bad day. However, it is without a doubt the most disturbing thing I’ve ever done. Let us know if you take the ‘plunge’!


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