My phone is not waterproof

I discovered this the hard way this weekend. It was a sunny 65 degrees here in the Seattle area so the kids and I decided to go wash the cars. After an hour or 3 we finished up and poured out the bucket of dirty water. And there at the bottom was my phone, belt holster and all. So I didn’t just drop my phone in the water. It had been there for hours. I friggin’ marinated the damn thing.

So if anyone is trying to call me, don’t bother, I can’t answer until I get a new phone. I don’t often use my phone for business, but Murphy’s law says that the gig of a lifetime will try to call while my phone is out of commission.


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I am a Seattle-based voice over artist specializing in audiobooks, but also working in corporate narration and commercials. You can find me at View all posts by Jeffrey Kafer

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