For the first year, I didn’t watch

I’m a huge movie buff. Not only did I graduate from Film school, I try to see the major front-runners for the Oscars every year. And I anxiously await the ceremony to see if my predictions for winners are correct. But this year was different. I didn’t watch. Why?

For some reason, I just didn’t care about any of it. I didn’t see any of the best picture nominees nor the films of the other major categories.

Maybe it was the bad taste in my mouth left over from the writer’s strike. Maybe it was the lack of films that interested me. Maybe shopping for a new phone took it out of me. I dunno. But given that the preliminary Nielsen ratings are showing that this was the worst viewership for any Academy Awards broadcast ever, apprently I’m not the only one.

Did you watch? If not, why not?


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One response to “For the first year, I didn’t watch

  • Bob Souer


    I didn’t watch either, and like you, we’ve made it a family tradition to watch the Academy Awards together. Some years even inviting friends over for an Oscar Night party.

    Be well,

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