Internet Marketing Plans for Voice Actors

As everyone knows, marketing your services is a daunting task. Most of us know how to get in front of a mic and deliver solid performances. But when it comes to getting our names out and selling our services, we often come up blank.

Stephanie Ciccarelli of has put together a 35 page e-book called Internet Marketing Plans for Voice Actors. If you’re new to the business or are an old hat who needs some new marketing tricks, this book might just be of use to you.

The book covers most internet tools including Search engine marketing, branding, and social media. As well, there are a few worksheets to help get you going.

There are a few things are vague and need some deeper delving into. Example:

"… Your logo should… not take up more than the normal allotted dimensions for logos."

I don’t know what that means because there is no definition for "normal allotted dimensions". The book has a few of those head-scratchers, but they are few.

The book really hits its stride with the search engine optimization and social networking sections. Here, solid advice is given about getting your site more search-friendly as well as utilizing the many social networking sites out there.

The rest of the book is a potpourri of mostly useful advice. I really wish some of the topics were hit a little harder such as Google Adwords. Certainly there are plenty of people with experience in these areas who would have been happy to be interviewed for the book.

Internet Marketing Plans for Voice Actors is a good jump-start for those new to the business or those who need some new ideas. While I would have liked a longer book that gets into more details, this is an excellent jumping-point for internet marketing.


Disclosure: I was provided a free copy of this e-book for review in exchange for an unbiased review


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