Giving up on PPC

I’ve been using Google Adwords for a month now as a test. And my results of this test are forcing me to drop PPC (Pay per click) advertising altogether. It just didn’t work.

Here are my stats for the past month:

Impressions = 177,654
Clicks = 94
Leads resulting from clicks = 0

Total cost = 73.64

Yes, that’s a lot of money for no return on the investment. The problems with it is that it’s so expensive. To get front page placement for a term like "Male Voice talent", you need to be ready to pony up around $4 per click. So every time someone clicks on your ad, you shell out upwards of $4 to Google. And of course, there’s no protection against false leads or other voice talent who are simply trying to check out the competition.

The last straw was today when someone searched for "Voice over production agencies in MI". For some odd reason, my ad showed up for this search, though I live on the west coast. Even stranger, the person searching for it decided to click on my ad. Of course, I wasn’t really what they were looking for, but $4 went bye bye into Google’s coffers.

For $4 I can send out about 2 demo CDs to targeted clients. As well, I can do a lot of search engine optimization to get a natural ranking higher for those keywords without having to spend a dime.

Anyone out here have better luck with PPC? Discuss in the comments!


About Jeffrey Kafer

I am a Seattle-based voice over artist specializing in audiobooks, but also working in corporate narration and commercials. You can find me at View all posts by Jeffrey Kafer

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