That ad sounds familiar…

I’m watching my usual selection of late night talk show fare while doing some research and I hear a very familiar ad. I had never seen the ad before, but what the announcer was saying sounded very familiar.

Then it hit me.

I had auditioned for that exact spot a few weeks ago.  I obviously didn’t get the gig, but I have never heard an ad being played that I auditioned for. It was actually quite cool. I wasn’t the least bit bummed about not getting the gig. If I were to be upset every time I didn’t get a job, I would live in constant depression.

I think the reason I enjoyed hearing it is because so often we don’t hear the final spots of gigs we don’t get. And while I didn’t land the job, it was fun knowing that in the grand scheme of things, my audition was in some small way a part of the overall process of creating that spot. I wasn’t in the ad, but I still felt… involved.


About Jeffrey Kafer

I am a Seattle-based voice over artist specializing in audiobooks, but also working in corporate narration and commercials. You can find me at View all posts by Jeffrey Kafer

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