Too many agents!

I made a bit of a faux pas today and I wnated to share it with others so they don’t run into the same problem.

Regardless of your union status, it is considered bad form to go shopping for another agent in a market where you are currently represented. I’m repped by Big Fish NW, but figured I’d cast my net out wider, so I sent some exploratory emails to other agencies including Premiere Talent in the Pacific Northwest. After an email or two back and forth with James of Premiere Talent, I casually mentioned that I was repped by BFNW.

James asked if I was wanting to leave BFNW. I told him no, I was just looking to broaden my scope. He informed me that I was only allowed one agent per market. I went online to the VO-BB and asked about it. The general consensus is that common courtesy says I shouldn’t try to get more than one agent in a market.

James replied later in the day and explained that casting directors don’t want to deal with one talent placing multiple auditions because they don’t know who to pay and things get confusing and bad blood can occur. In other words, talent who audition for the same job through multiple agents throw a monkey wrench into the system. I would again like to thank James for taking the time to explain this. He didn’t have to and I appreciate it.

So I sent an email to BFNW apologizing for my faux pas just in case word got back that I was shopping around for a new agent. They said it was no big deal. I’m sure I over-reacted, but I figured it was better to smooth things over as much as I could just in case things got nasty.

In all, the siatuation was handled very professionally and I got a real lesson in agent etiquette.


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