Marketing your voice as a Brand

On the VO-BB a few days ago, the very talented Amy Snively posted a postcard for her peers to critique. The postcard had a large picture of a swan and talked about how she’ s narrating a short film called Rupert. She got the usual criticisms about layout and font size. But I went a little further and questioned why she chose to feature an obscure short film, that very few people will see much less have even heard of to advertise herself to potential agents. Especially since her reel has stuff from Nick Jr and other names that are far more recognizable. I just didn’t get it.

To my surprise, Amy gave a me a call the next day and we had a very nice chat about her marketing. She explained that the key to the Rupert postcard was not to get people to see the film. She was well aware that very few knew about it, nor did she expect anyone to make any effort to see it. The point was to continue to get her name out there as a working Voice-over actress in a variety of projects. This is one small aspect of an overall marketing campaign to get agents to see her as a brand.

My wife doesn’t drink coffee, but the first thing she thinks of when you mention coffee is Starbucks. I don’t like fast food that much, but McDonalds comes to mind if you mention it. Need books? Amazon should have what you need. So even if no one cares about the swan named Rupert, Amy wants agents and those with power to hire her to associate voice-overs with Amy Snively. She’s not just advertising her voice-over services, she’s advertising her voice-over services as a brand. Brilliant. And given her success in the field, this will work in her favor.

The reason for Amy’s call was not to prove me wrong or tell me how stupid I was for not seeing that. No, she was hoping that I would learn from her strategy and possibly take some ideas from it and apply it to my own marketing strategies.

Thanks Amy, I’m indebted to your graciousness. You’re a first-call talent and friend.


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